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House Rules

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1. Demeanor - dress up your attitude.
Good sportsmanship. Always conduct yourselves in a manor that would be pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Dress code -
Modest dress is always required - Attention on the game and not the clothes.
No skin tight fitting clothing;
No Exposed mid-drifts;

3. Dependability -
Notify your team if you will not be present for a game.
Your team depends on you being there every week.

4. Devotion -
You are expected to be in attendance in the gym during devotion time.
Our intent is to encourage and challenge you to a closer walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Food and drink -
Only water or sport drinks are allowed in the gym
No food allowed in the gym

6. Gym floor -
No wet shoes or boots on the gym floor.



1. Serving the ball:
Service in front of the end line and between either side line.
Serve may hit the net and go over and be in play.
Service may be under or over hand with ball in air while being struck.
You may not step on the front service line - foot fault.

2. Ceiling:
A ball may hit the ceiling and still be in play as long as it does not go over the net your team still has a hit available and it does not hit the basket ball brackets (black pipes, center court door track)

3. Net play:
You may not touch the net while making a play on the ball or your follow through
You can play the ball off the net on a legal hit
The ball can not hit the antennas or their imaginary extensions

4. Backboards:
If the ball hit’s a backboard and interferes with the play it will be a replay unless the ball was traveling in the out of bounds direction. Backboards at the center of the courts above the nets are always out of bounds.

5. Boundaries:
All borders are painted yellow lines with blue tape in non-painted areas
No play off the walls
No interfering with other teams while ball is in play (physically or verbally)

5. Scoring:
All games will be scored with normal scoring
Each 1 hour time slot will play 3 games
Rally scoring may be used to speed up the game at the ref's discretion.

6. Team Makeup:
Every Rec League team must have a minimum of two female players on the court at all times. Rotation must be worked out so that this rule is followed.

7. Tournament:
Only registered players can play in the tournament games. On rare occaison a sub will fill in the remainder of the season for an injurred player or a player that can no longer be part of the team. In order for this sub to play in the playoffs, he/she must have played at least 3 regular season games with the team he/she will be playing for in the playoffs.

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