About the Church

What We Believe

One of the core values of First Bible Baptist Church is that we are a “Church of the Word.” We believe that a person’s Beliefs will affect their Behavior, that their Doctrine will affect their Decisions. As a result, we emphasize the importance of the truths of the faith as well as the behaviors that will come from holding them. To read what the church teaches about some of the essentials doctrines of Christianity, read our full Articles of Faith.

Join the Family

At First Bible Baptist Church, our mission is to Love God, Love People, Serve Others and Tell Everyone. We accomplish this mission in a variety of ways both home and abroad. Here is a short list of some of the ways you can become part of the family:

Sunday Services

Our church service usually starts with a few songs of worship, followed by a compelling message from God’s word. We are a church that believes the Bible, and our messages come directly from it. If you bring a Bible, or plan to use a Bible app on your mobile device, it can make your experience even better.

Before or after the service, we invite you to take a moment to visit one of our mobile Information centers found near both entrances. Someone from our hospitality team would like to meet you, answer any questions, and give you a gift that you will love.

Pastor Kevin

Kevin joined the staff in January of 2016 and became Lead Pastor in October 2016. He is married to Savannah and has three beautiful girls. They love to laugh, ride bikes, eat ice-cream, and sing loudly together.

Kevin loves time with the family, doing cookouts with friends, sports, and reading. When asked what advice he would give his 20 year old self, he said “Do your very best and don’t limit yourself by perceived boundaries. It is better to try and fail then to have never tried at all.”

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Where We Came From

Sunday Service8:30 AM
Sunday Service10:30 AM
Wednesday Service7:00 PM

First Bible Baptist Church
990 Manitou Road
Hilton, NY 14468
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