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G&T Athletics is a sports outreach ministry of First Bible Baptist Church. This ministry is established with the vision of introducing our community to FBBC, its varied ministries, and to the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. G&T is dedicated to fulfilling the vision, purpose and goals of FBBC.

It is the goal of G&T Athletics to provide quality recreation opportunities in a variety of sporting events and to do so in an environment that cultivates positive character. G&T teaches and enhances game skills as well as good sportsmanship and biblical values in a family-friendly atmosphere. This is accomplished through the dedicated service of hundreds of equipped volunteers using quality athletic equipment at well maintained facilities.

Using the universal appeal of sports for fun and recreation, G&T is working to meet the needs for young people and adults alike to enjoy optimum health and fitness. These programs are an effective way to exercise the body, the mind, and the spirit. Our sports offerings regularly present “pep talks” – lessons from the Bible which are practical, challenging and informative.

There are many seasonal sports to choose from and are offered for both children and adults. All of our programs require individual registration. Player participants are placed on teams of the respective leagues to ensure fair competition and balance.

G&T Athletics stands ready to assist and equip other local churches across the country and around the world in establishing sports ministries.

Grace & Truth SportsPark is an almost 100-acre park designed to bring athletes and their families together in a sports and recreational environment that cultivates positive core character values such as integrity, honesty, responsibility, caring, determination, restraint and leadership. This environment is a product of the actions and attitudes of the SportsPark staff as well as those who serve as adult and peer role models for the athletes who play here. It is our goal to help them realize their roles as responsible, caring and productive members of society – on and off the playing field

The Park is not only home to G&T Athletics, but also to many other guests, teams, and leagues of our community. The Park is known for having some of the area’s finest playing fields, full menu concession stands, clean bathrooms, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Park is a ministry of First Bible Baptist Church and is intended to be a place in our community to experience God by encouraging spiritual sensitivity, positive family communication and community involvement. Grace & Truth SportsPark is one of very few parks in the country that was built and is maintained and operated by a local church. This is a unique ministry opportunity for the people of First Bible Baptist Church to serve its community and to be a warm and welcoming neighbor. We sincerely hope and pray that you enjoy your experience at the Park as we share in God’s incredible blessing.

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G&T's Mens Flag Football registration is now open! We're preparing for the upcoming season and will be ready when phase four opens up our athletic ministries and facilities.

Until further notice, ALL of our G&T activities remain suspended. We continue to plan for our spring seasons scheduled to begin in May. Registration is open at our website, and if it becomes necessary at some point to alter plans, full refunds will of course be given.

As per the reecent league-wide Email, just a reminder that there is no volleyball this evening. The season has been postponed until further notice. We hope to resume in some capacity when appropriate to do so. Contact your team captain or Ryan Palma if you have questions.

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