Assumption of Risk and Release

I understand that participating in any sport provided by G&T Athletics of The First Bible Baptist Church of Hilton, NY could involve some risk of injury to me and/or my child(ren), and I assume full responsibility for any risk of injury that may occur to me or my child(ren) while participating in said activity. In consideration of me or my child(ren) being allowed to participate in said activity, I fully release, discharge, agree not to hold First Bible Baptist Church, its employees, and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, causes of action present or future, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, and resulting from or arising out of, incident to me or my children’s participation in said activity, and from any and all obligation and responsibility to pay any hospital, medical, doctor, and dental claims, or any lost or damage of property that may arise. If I am registering my child(ren) with this form, I hereby give my permission for my child(ren) listed above to participate in this athletic program provided by G&T Athletics of The First Bible Baptist Church of Hilton, NY.

I give permission for pictures/video of me or my child(ren) taken by a G&T volunteer photographer/videographer to be used for G&T promotional purposes for this or future seasons. I understand that if the video or photograph appears in a public place (website, brochure, video, newspaper, etc.) no identifiable information (first and/or last name, address, age, etc.) will be used in conjunction with the publically displayed photo or video unless we (G&T Athletics of The First Bible Baptist Church of Hilton, NY) contact you specifically and receive your permission to do so.

By submitting my email address during the registration process, I realize that The First Bible Baptist Church of Hilton, NY and G&T Athletics may use it to contact me for other purposes. In the case that I receive communications from First Bible but wish to unsubscribe from the list(s), I understand that I will be given the opportunity to opt out or change my communication preferences at any time by using the links at the bottom of any email that I receive directly from First Bible’s or G&T Athletics’s communication system.

Revised 10/2017