Men’s Basketball Rules

The Rules

Last Revised: February 2nd, 2017


  1. All games will be played according to New York State High School Rules with the following exceptions:
    1. Games will consist of two (2) twenty minute halves. This will be a running clock except for the last two minutes of EACH half for dead ball situations.
    2. Overtime periods will be 3 minutes long with the clock stopping in the last minute for dead ball situations.
    3. A 3-5 minute break between halves will be allowed.
    4. Each team will be allowed 2 time-outs each half, but they cannot be accumulated. A team will be granted one time-out for each overtime period.
    5. A forfeit game will be declared by the referee if a team has less than 4 men to start a game. In the event that both teams appear with less than 4 men, each team will be charged with a loss.
    6. The games are scheduled to start at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00, except where noted otherwise in the schedule. If a previous game runs over in time, teams will be granted 8-10 minutes for warm-ups.
    7. In the event that a judgment is necessary, because of rule interpretation, the officials may be questioned with the following requirements:
      1. Team questioning the rule must call time-out.
      2. Only the team captain may talk with the official concerning the rule interpretation.


  1. Team captains are responsible for their players’ conduct.
  2. The authority to control the game and all its elements including spectators rests with the referees with assistance from the NBBA Commissioner and G&T Athletics Director.
  3. The judgment on all sportsmanship violations is in the hands of the referees assigned to the game.
    1. Flagrant violations such as unnecessary roughness, vulgar language, racial, ethnic or sexual comments, or blasphemy (i.e., taking God’s name in vain) will be penalized by a technical foul and may lead to an ejection and/or an automatic suspension. Further disciplinary action may also be taken by the NBBA Board
    2. For violations considered not to be flagrant by the referee, a warning will be issued. Any subsequent unsportsmanlike violations will result in ejection, an automatic suspension and possible further action by the Board.
    3. Any fighting or fist swinging will result in an automatic one year suspension.
    4. Any player who physically threatens an official before, during or after a game will be suspended for one year.
    5. The NBBA Commissioner and the G&T Athletics Director shall have the power to decide on suspensions for all unsportsmanlike acts not specifically identified above.
    6. A team is allowed 2 technical fouls/game, the third one resulting in forfeiture of the game. A second offense by the same team in a given season will result in the dismissal of said team from the league.
    7. Any player receiving 3 technical fouls in one season will be ejected from that game and serve a one game suspension.  If that player receives a 4th technical foul they will be suspended for the rest of that year and have to sit out the following next season.
      *section C #1-7 can/will be reviewed by the NBBA board on an individual basis


  1. G&T Men’s Basketball utilizes certified referees.
  2. Referees are to assume jurisdiction at game time.


  1. No food, beverages or smoking is allowed in the gym.
  2. No one is allowed on the stage. The bleachers will be used for seating in the gym.
  3. All children under the age of 10 are to be supervised by an adult. We cannot afford to have them running around the facility unsupervised.
  4. Any damage incurred to Northstar Christian Academy (NCA) will be the responsibility of …
    1. the individual(s) who caused it or
    2. if unable to determine, the league members will share the burden equally.
  5. All spectators are to adhere to player conduct rules: (no cursing, yelling at refs, etc.)