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Our online registration form is designed to make it easy for you to invite friends to join the fun and keep them with you on the same team. While we cannot guarantee every request, we do our best to keep up to four requests on the same team. Unfortunately, we are not taking full teams or requests of more than four for the summer league. If you have a group of up to four people (including yourself) that you would like to form a partial team with please include that request on your registration from or in the appropriate field(s) of the online registration form. Again, all requests will be considered, but we cannot guarantee that your request will be honored due to our attempt at balancing the teams as fairly as is possible.

**Important Notice
Due to limited openings, we will generally receive more registrations than we can accommodate. Submission of a completed registration form does not necessarily guarantee placement in the league. In the event that you are placed on a waiting list, the full registration fee will be refunded. Refunds will be processed when registration closes.

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After hours of great volleyball that took the championship down to a one game winner take all, the teams remember what its all about and acknowledge God's role in a great season.

Due to the weather, G&T Sand Volleyball is cancelled for tonight (8/14).
See everyone next week at 7p for the start of the playoffs:
Court 1: Maroon @ Midnight
Court 2: Green @ Sunset
(All teams play again after!)

Our cool, barefootin' Pastor @kpestke gives the charge last night at G&T Sand Volleyball.

Glad to have Mark Palma in town and free to share with G&T Sand Volleyball

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Worship with us this Sunday!