Beach Volleyball

Summer Beach Volleyball

View Teams and Standings for the 2022 Beach Leagues HERE.

Ministry Purpose

The purpose of Beach Volleyball at Grace and Truth SportsPark sand courts is to unite young adults, families and friends, couples, teenagers and neighbors in a fun-filled, recreational atmosphere as we introduce G&T Athletics and First Bible Baptist Church to our community.

Important Dates & Times

  • Outdoor Volleyball Season: Starts July 11th and ends on Aug 29th
  • Online Registration for the 2022 season opens in May
  • Games are played Mondays with start times between 6PM and 9PM
  • Season Schedule will be posted online including end-of-season tournament details when available
  • All games will take place on the sand courts at Grace and Truth Sports Park, weather permitting. In the case of rain, check the website for weather-dependent updates.

Program Details

  • Ages 16+, 14+ if registering with a guardian
  • The season concludes with a single elimination championship tournament.
  • Devotions will be held throughout the season in between games.
  • No swimwear please.
  • Outdoor Volleyball Rules

Recreational 6's

  • Games are played 6 v. 6
  • Cost is $40/person
  • Players should register individually and may request for other players to be on their team

Intermediate 4's

  • Teams should register together
  • Games are played 4 v 4
  • Cost is $120/team
  • Intermediate 4’s Rules (Those that differ from hardcourt 6’s volleyball):
    • No rotation necessary, but players must maintain the correct serving order (player one serves, then the next time player two, etc.).
    • No open hand serve receive or first contact upon the ball coming over the net.
    • Second touch (set) must be clean.
    • No open hand tipping.
    • No open hand setting the ball over on any contact.


All games will be played at:

Grace & Truth SportsPark
373 North Greece Road
Hilton, NY 14468

Grace & Truth Sports Park is 15 minutes from Rochester and 5 minutes from Greece.