Indoor Rec League

Is the Rec League for you?

Looking to beat the winter blues? Improve your volleyball skills and make new friends in the winter season with G&T Coed Indoor Volleyball!

Ministry Purpose

The purpose of G&T Volleyball is to unite young adults, families and friends, couples, teenagers and neighbors in a fun-filled, recreational atmosphere as we introduce G&T Athletics and First Bible Baptist Church to our community.

Important Dates & Times

  • Families are encouraged to join this league since the skill levels can be within a wide range across all family members
  • This rec level of play allows for anyone and everyone to join the league regardless of skill (Age limitations remain at 16+, 14+ if playing with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). You must be that age by the first game of the season). There is a pricing discount offered to our higher skilled players who wish to play in both leagues. Our goal here is to have a healthy balance of skilled players who are willing to spend some time playing with and teaching our lesser skilled players so they can one day achieve a higher level of play. Cool eh? See Power league details for that pricing discount detail.
  • The teams will be created by a captains-draft facilitated by the league director(s) and the registration process will allow groups/families of up to 4 to register together with an excellent chance that they will all play together
  • Game Times will be in the 7:30 & 8:30 pm time slots with a maximum of 8 teams (64 people)
  • Devotion and Tip time will be at 8:30 pm on a regular basis.
  • The cost for this league is $40
  • The cost for both leagues is $50


All games will be played at:

Northstar Christian Academy
332 Spencerport Road
Rochester, NY 14606

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After hours of great volleyball that took the championship down to a one game winner take all, the teams remember what its all about and acknowledge God's role in a great season.

Due to the weather, G&T Sand Volleyball is cancelled for tonight (8/14).
See everyone next week at 7p for the start of the playoffs:
Court 1: Maroon @ Midnight
Court 2: Green @ Sunset
(All teams play again after!)

Our cool, barefootin' Pastor @kpestke gives the charge last night at G&T Sand Volleyball.

Glad to have Mark Palma in town and free to share with G&T Sand Volleyball

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